Traditional Weaves

Hand woven woollen stoles, mufflers and shawls in the traditional patterns, but with a simpler aesthetic to fit into contemporary wardrobes.

Sheep Colours Collection

Local wool is washed, carded and hand spun. The yarn is then knitted or hand woven into hats, mufflers, scarves, gloves or socks. This is natural wool in its purest colours of white, brownish-black and grey. These colours are combined into designs and patterns.

Naturally Dyed Collection

We have been┬ádeveloping natural dyes from the local flora and fauna – walnut, pomegranate, shrambal, bekhal, using sustainable and locally harvested mordants like lodh (the leaves are collected after they have fallen from the tree). The fibre from local sheep is dyed, hand spun and knitted into hats, mufflers and gloves.